M&T Haylage are an international supplier of top-quality hay and haylage products.

We’ve been working with M&T Haylage since 2018, producing a range of different marketing materials. So, when they decided to rebrand from MS & TJ Haylage to M&T Haylage, they came straight to us to help support their relaunch.

To support their growth into international markets, MS & TJ Haylage decided to simplify their brand name to M&T Haylage. We were asked to help evolve their new brand and marketing materials to reflect the changing nature of their business and their new objectives. They felt their existing brand had become outdated, so were looking for a fresher and more modern identity.

M&T Haylage also required an impactful new website that will effectively speak to their target audience, presenting the company as professional and knowledgeable, and instil trust in potential new customers. The new site needs to be streamlined and customer-focused, taking into consideration how each customer will easily find the information they’re looking for and encourage them to get in touch.


Following a detailed discussion with the client to understand the changes within their business and their objectives, we set about creating their new logo and brand. It was important that we didn’t lose any of the existing brand equity that MS & TJ Haylage had built, so we took the approach of refining and developing their existing brand, rather than creating a completely new identity.

The new logo used the same colours as the previous logo but introduced a more refined ‘&’ logo mark and modernised typography. We also created a bespoke hand-painted style treatment for their imagery, which provides a strong, consistent look, whilst allowing them to make use of stock imagery.

Once the new brand identity had been created, we started rolling it out across a whole range of marketing materials, from email templates to magazine adverts, flyers and exhibition graphics.

We have also designed a brand new website, which will feature targeted case studies, customer testimonials and market-specific landing pages to show M&T Haylage’s expertise and specialism. The website is currently in development, so check back soon to see the final result, once it’s launched.

“We’ve been working with Hydra for over two years now and have been very impressed with their work. The team are very approachable and knowledgeable. So, when it was time to transition to a new brand name and create a new website to help us grow our business we went straight to Hydra.”

Owner, M&T Haylage