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Taking strides to streamline work processes

A bespoke website redesign for Adventure Expeditions 

The Challenge

Adventure Expeditions is a leading not-for-profit organisation which delivers safe and quality outdoor programmes for individuals, schools and groups. But their website booking system was a mountain to climb in itself, both for users and staff. Loading time and site speed was slow, while the biggest challenge was the booking process being too rigid for the many different types of user. They needed a simpler, streamlined approach to reduce the administration time required from both sides and increase bookings.

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Our Bespoke Solution

To meet the overall objectives, we implemented various improvements to the website's booking process, including fixes to the booking and consent forms, the ability to assign different consent forms to different courses, and the streamlining of the booking process for users who book multiple courses. We added a homepage filter to simplify the booking process and a fixed navigation menu to improve user experience. Furthermore, we included features to better serve our business and school customers, such as the ability to create separate login accounts and links for individual attendees to fill out their personal information. These developments ultimately helped us increase course bookings and save administrative time, while also providing a better user experience for our target audience.

When devising a strategy for their booking system, we decided to implement a new tagging system and filter options for events. A visually separated list of courses with customisable search options and images were used to improve user experience. Labels like 'guaranteed to run' or 'two spaces left' and showcasing past courses helped generate sales and improve SEO. Integration with Google Maps enabled customers to locate programs near them. The clear and easy-to-use design made the booking experience seamless.

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The Impact

The Adventure Expeditions' new bespoke website was launched in November, and since then, it has delivered exceptional results. The website is fast, modern, and accessible to all, providing a streamlined booking process that has reduced staff time spent on administrative tasks.

Customers have praised the simplified checkout process, resulting in a more user-friendly experience. This positive feedback from returning customers is a testament to the improved customer experience provided by the new website.

The Hydra team has maintained ongoing communication with Adventure Expeditions since the launch of the website, exploring new ideas and opportunities for further enhancing the customer experience. Overall, the launch of the new website has proven to be a successful investment for Adventure Expeditions, delivering improved user experience, increased revenue, and reduced internal administrative time.

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