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Increasing Brand Awareness with a Targeted Campaign 

Creating a tailored advertising campaign for national leisure chain.

Brief & Strategy

National fitness centre provider, Places Gym, worked with our website designers to create graphics for several brand advertising campaigns. Each campaign had different messages and target audiences, including various campaigns promoting open-day events and special offers.

The first campaign was location based, with the target audience being residents of cities where the business has gym locations. We tailored each of the graphics towards that target audience by changing the graphic wording to be location-specific so that it resonated with audiences.

The next campaign aimed to encourage new users to join the gym through referrals, so we added text and imagery that encouraged existing club members to bring along a friend for a free weekend.

Places Gym’s secondary objectives varied for each campaign, and the messaging, but the primary outcome for each was to drive traffic to the site and encourage new members to join the gyms. The campaigns used multiple platforms, including email, flyers, social media posts and on-site digital advertising. To ensure the campaign increased brand awareness, we designed a consistent theme for each element of the campaign to enhance the messaging and reinforce the brand image.

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Design Process

During the design process, we studied the existing guidelines and the materials previously utilised by Places Gym to ensure that the marketing materials we created would sit within the existing brand. Using the brand colour palette and unique brand elements, we created a set of targeted campaigns that appealed to each audience and encouraged viewers towards the end goals outlined by the client.

After conducting in-depth industry and audience research, we created strong, relevant, and relatable visuals to capture and engage the target audience's attention. We sourced gym-based imagery that included familiar gym-goers and activities the target audience would relate to.


One of the main difficulties faced during the design process was fitting the messaging onto smaller-sized elements in the campaign, such as the social media posts. We had to ensure that the graphics were accessible and easy to read across all marketing channels. This was overcome by streamlining content into smaller elements and focusing only on the essential information needed to encourage the audience towards the desired end goal.

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Video Production

Places Gym wanted to give customers a look into the facilities that their Sheffield gym has to offer, and from here, commissioned us to produce video content of the facility. This was to be posted on social media as a promotional video for Places Gym Sheffield.

We faced the challenge of fitting in everything Places Gym offered as it was just a one-minute video. To overcome this challenge, we found a music track that was snappy and energetic. This helped set the pace for the video. Matching the footage to the energetic music worked well as we had filmed multiple varied shots, some with a high frame rate for slow motion and others using our gimble for nice, smooth-motion tracking shots.


The series of campaigns we designed for Places Gym proved successful.

Our finished designs represented the brand and offered easy-to-digest graphics detailing all the services and locations that the gym chain provides.

The graphics have been carefully designed to appeal to Places Gym’s target markets, increasing engagement, awareness and, subsequently, website traffic.

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"Hydra Creative are great to work with, they have excellent ideas which are backed up with great content, videos and emails. The staff I have worked with are very friendly, helpful and are communicative. They are very quick at getting tasks done, at a high quality. Thank you!" - Hannah Shelley , Places Gym

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