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Drive sales and increase brand awareness with a strategic PPC agency in sheffield

A PPC campaign can get your business in front of your target audience almost immediately. We have provided PPC in Sheffield and the rest of the UK for over a decade. We implement strategically planned Google Ad campaigns that drive targeted traffic directly to your website, resulting in more leads and sales.

Collaborative approach

Our success is based on collaboration. We work together with your team to understand your target audiences, utilising your industry knowledge to deliver compelling ad copy and design that increases customer conversions.

You'll also receive a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to provide regular updates, have idea brainstorming sessions and go through your monthly reports and strategy reviews.

Knowledgeable, experienced and creative PPC agency in Sheffield

We are proud to be a Google Partner and have a wide range of experience, including managing search ads, targeted display, and social media advertising campaigns for businesses across all sectors.

When you work with a Sheffield PPC agency like us, you'll benefit from working with our experienced in-house teams. Our experts in copywriting, design, web development, digital marketing, and video production are always on hand to help build your unique PPC campaign.

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"The biggest change that we found since partnering with Hydra was that we got more inbound traffic that are really, really hot leads who are actively seeking us out and have never heard of us before." - Charlie Winter, MorfittSmith

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Enhance your presence with visually appealing advertisements

PPC is more than search engine ads; when you work with our team of PPC experts, our graphic design team creates visual ads used on the display network to promote and boost awareness of your business. We work with your existing brand guidelines to produce advertisements that are consistent with your brand and enhance the overall look and feel of your online presence.

To stimulate further interaction with your brand, we set up visual retargeting ads that follow your website users around the internet, encouraging them to revisit and convert.

Captivate and intrigue with motion graphics supporting icon

Captivate and intrigue with motion graphics

Moving imagery heightens engagement; our PPC team work directly with our videography team to produce motion graphics that get clicks.

Again, this is implemented onto the display network and can be a slight movement to capture your prospective customer's attention. 

Convert and engage with bespoke web design in Sheffield supporting icon

Convert and engage with bespoke web design in Sheffield

Every business that wants to be successful and achieve business growth needs a well-designed, securely built website that speaks to the target audience and encourages them to get in touch.

We design and develop websites to take your business to the next level and complement your PPC campaign perfectly.

Gain long-lasting search engine results with SEO in Sheffield supporting icon

Gain long-lasting search engine results with SEO in Sheffield

PPC and SEO work hand in hand; together, they can support your business efforts in being top of the search engines. PPC is great for more difficult keywords that your organic efforts take longer to gain results from; it can also be utilised when you need a quick boost for a new product or service.

If you are serving a local area, local SEO efforts can also boost your online presence in front of your prospective customers, which gives you three occasions to appear to them when they are searching online.

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