The Tropical Butterfly House is a popular family attraction situated in South Yorkshire.

They required an exciting new website with an integrated bespoke purchasing system to allow site users to purchase animal ‘adoptions’ and gift vouchers with ease. This had not been possible on the previous site, meaning that a valuable revenue stream was being missed.

A key requirement of the site was for users to be able to pay for adoptions and gift certificates on the website itself. Previously, if a customer wanted to adopt an animal they had to ring up the gift shop and pay over the phone. This resulted in lost sales as the gift shop is only open when the attraction is open. Having the ability for site visitors to adopt animals online means that sales can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Whilst designing the site, it was important to keep the end-user in mind. This ensured that the customer journey through the website was well considered, making it as easy as possible for users to get to their destination.

The booking system allows visitors to effortlessly “adopt” an animal, or purchase a gift voucher, directly through the website. This functionality auto-generates personalised adoption and gift certificates as a PDF, that the purchaser can then print at home. We also made the process to purchase entry tickets much more user-friendly.

To allow users to easily and securely pay for park tickets, adoptions and gift vouchers, we integrated PayPal into the website. This gives users peace of mind and allows them to purchase through trusted and recognised platforms, without requiring a PayPal account.

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The Tropical Butterfly House required a high-impact marketing campaign that would be featured on buses and tram stops in Rotherham and Sheffield, with the aim of increasing footfall to the attraction.

The brief was for the campaign to be fun, eye-catching and appealing to the target audience, to encourage them to visit with their families. We did extensive research into the target audience of this marketing campaign, as well as competitor and current market research, to ensure that our marketing messages and designs were true to the brand and the audience.

Working from the brief and our research, we created three promotional images, each including amusing and engaging copy, and all with an individual look.  The overall message, however, was to be the same - for the target audience to discover (or re-discover) the Tropical Butterfly House.  

Bold and clear calls to action were included on each final design, as well as all necessary information as requested by the Tropical Butterfly House.  Snappy, eye-catching text and colours were used to make the most of "pester-power", and increase the chance of the campaign being a success.

The campaign proved to be a big success; with a marked increase in enquiries and visitors, as well as a huge upsurge in website traffic and discussion on social media.