The William Cook Group is a World Class engineering company, with over 180 years’ experience. The William Cook story started in Glasgow in 1840, where they manufactured saws, before branching out into steel castings. Today, they design, manufacture and overhaul a wide range of high quality, precision alloy and superalloy components and systems for defence, rail and other industries, where safety and reliability are critical.

We’ve been working with the William Cook Group since 2012, across a whole host of projects. Over that time, we’ve seen the company grow and diversify, expanding their product offerings and capabilities.

The Group were keen to move away from their traditional steel casting image. So, we set about going through and updating their marketing materials to reflect their full range of products, technologies and facilities.

Web Page image

We started by updating the website, to act as an online brochure – clearly displaying all relevant product, service and contact information. Working closely with the Group’s Chairman, we created a bold design that embodies their dynamic approach to engineering and their vision. The angled lines and images used are a nod to the Group’s forward-thinking attitude. We created a user-friendly CMS system, so the Group can keep the site updated with all their latest news, products and developments. We also built in the ability to change the language, depending on the territory, to reflect their global audience.

To help the William Cook website reach the right audience, so they can continue to grow, we provide on-going SEO and digital marketing support. We’ve carefully crafted their keywords and optimised their website, so it now reflects their full range of products and capabilities.

To provide added flexibility we carefully refreshed the colour palette, introducing new secondary colours. The new colours are clean and contemporary, whilst retaining a premium, quality feel. We also updated the full suite of logos to provide greater consistency across all of the divisions.

As well as their online marketing, we’ve also worked with the Group to update their offline marketing materials, including designing a bespoke exhibition stand for a major industry show, magazine adverts and a new company brochure. All of which utilised the same angles and large imagery as the website, helping to build a strong and consistent brand. The brochure has been created with a pocket for product inserts, allowing the Group to tailor what they send out to each customer, and so that it can be easily and cost-effectively kept up to date with new products as they’re launched.


And it doesn’t stop there, we’ve also created a bespoke cloud-based system to help William Cook monitor all non-destructive testing (NDT) activity. They needed a way to easily show traceability and produce a variety of different reports and ultimately help them increase their productivity.

William Cook needed a system that’d be able to meet their varied requirements, including the ability to upload photographs, auto-select specifications, look-up previous tests as well as providing a knowledge base for techniques and procedures. Our system is entirely bespoke, from the layout to the logic that powers it. This allowed us to provide all the specific functionality and features William Cook needed, without any extra clutter or buttons that could potentially cause confusion.

“Thank you. The show went well – we were very pleased with both the stand and the brochures and got a lot of compliments on both.”

Marketing Advisor, William Cook Holdings Ltd.