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Showcasing Services and Programs on a Representative Website 

Bespoke website design & development for First B2B.

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The Brief

Established in 2001, First B2B offer an Electronic Data Exchange service for suppliers and the businesses their products need to be delivered to. They required an impactful new bespoke website presenting the business as professional and knowledgeable in their sector, emphasising their capabilities to prospective new customers.

The initial focus was to have the new website strongly represent their beliefs and demonstrate why they do what they do. It was also important that their services and programmes were clearly outlined online and that the site would explain how their software can benefit specific industry sectors.


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Our Approach

To accurately depict why First B2B work in the EDI industry, we designed their bespoke website to showcase various case studies and customer testimonials, building a higher level of trust with their website visitors through proof of their work and genuine feedback from their clients. The new site also needed to demonstrate the different types of work they have successfully completed and the results they have achieved for those they work with.

The new site needed to be streamlined and customer-focused, taking into consideration how customers search. We designed the website to accommodate this, creating easy-to-use, clearly laid-out webpages with internal links. First B2B's contact details needed to be readily available as part of a call to action and prominent on the majority of web pages to increase the chance of conversions.

We integrated a calculator tool into their site, which was to feature on several of their main web pages. The idea behind the calculator was to demonstrate how much money businesses or individuals could save by utilising EDI solutions based on the number of documents processed annually, producing an estimated yearly saving.

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The Success

The First B2B website is easy to navigate, with clear, informative web pages, including a case study page. The website's aesthetics complements First B2B's branding, with their blue colour scheme and logo used thoughtfully throughout.

We thoroughly tested the website before it went live to ensure all functionality was streamlined. Users can quickly and easily use the instant calculator to get a ballpark figure of how much they could save through working with First B2B, encouraging enquiries from potential clients keen to make savings.

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