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Providing a Clear User Journey

New business launched with branding, Wordpress website design and development.

The Brief

As a new business, Assured Vehicle Movements required an effective brand identity to become established as a leader in a highly competitive industry. As well as the company’s visual identity, they also required a professional and accessible website that is user-friendly to both of their target audiences: large, vehicle auction companies and trade plate drivers.

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The Brand Creation

We worked closely with the key stakeholders at AVM to identify their target audiences and goals. We also worked together to establish the values of the company to ensure these were reflected in the brand identity. Whenever we set about creating a new brand, we always start by working closely with our clients to really get to know the business and understand their audiences and their ambitions.  

Once we had reviewed the goals and values of AVM, as well as looking at their current position in the industry, and identifying their competitors, we started working on their new logo and brand. We created a brand that visually represents professionalism and trust in the service provided, with the orange element providing motion and contrast from the typography.

The wavy line elements are designed to represent motion in the form of vehicle tyre tracks, reinforcing the nature of the business as well as the automotive aspect of car collection and delivery, both of which involve motion. The bright colour is intended to help draw the eye and attention of the viewer towards these subtle, but key, service offerings.

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The Website Creation

We started the next phase of the project to create a bespoke website, representing and showcasing the company’s expertise in the vehicle recruitment sector.

Before we began the website design process, we carried out research into the automotive industry, including a study of AVM’s competitors as well as similar markets to gauge the industry standards, and we then mocked up the responsive layouts and wireframes from this research as a starting point.

Upon landing on the website, users are presented with strong and engaging video content to reinforce a professional image. Moving further down the page, we designed the content to be structured in an easy-to-read format, enabling the user to focus on relevant areas of content whilst aiding the visual hierarchy of the website.

It was key to provide clear user journeys through the website, as we quickly identified two main users who would be major contributors to the overall visitor list. 


These were users looking to work with the business as a client, and those looking for work through the business, with each user type needing a unique approach to ensure their goals were met, and that they could reach their end destination quickly and easily. 

One of the main issues we faced was integrating a unique solution to showcase live vacancies for jobs, which would also be easy for the team at AVM to update. We spent some time in the research phase looking into common ways this could be handled visually and then offered a solution that displayed the information clearly and in detail to the end-user.

Using WordPress, we developed a website that portrayed the professional and knowledgeable image of the company and represented AVM as a 21st Century cutting-edge company, instilling a sense of trust with both drivers and clientele as a priority.

The Website Integrations

A big part of the AVM website is the bespoke job application system that our team created. This functionality allows the user to apply for the job and go through the onboarding process with their own personal account. It also generates the job contract at the end of the recruitment process.

It was key that the website be integrated with both the AVM app, and their bespoke online recruitment portal, which allows trade plate drivers to complete their application and training, as well as update their availability to work.

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The Video Production

AVM also approached our video production team to create an animated induction video that would be used on their online portal within their brand-new website. We gave them a few different options of how this could be done, and they chose to do a video incorporating elements of whiteboard-style assets and animated typography. With a very tight deadline to meet, we built up a full storyboard based on the script provided by the client. It was important that the visuals matched the script, and that it was clear and easy to understand. That is why we sourced a professional voice over artist to read the script.

Once completed, the client was extremely happy with the result, and the video is now being used to introduce their drivers to the induction process during which they have to provide the required information and documents in order to become a trade plate driver.

We worked to a very tight deadline and the client was extremely happy with the result!

"We have worked with Hydra on a number of projects from bespoke web development to video production. Would highly recommend." - Paul Forde, Assured Vehicle Movements
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