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Enticing New Clients with Videography

Promotional video for a software company

The Brief

With the aim of penetrating a new product market, recently launched Slipstream approached us to create a short video that would pitch their new technology software to new customers. The information had to be factual and include elements of footage taken from inside the Virtual Reality (VR) experience.


As the new product is technology software, its complex nature needed a clear story board to properly showcase its impressive features. To demonstrate its range of capabilities and keep the product accessible to the targeted market, the promotional video would incorporate demonstrations of the software with explanations provided by a member of the Slipstream team.

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Production Process

The pre-production process was highly collaborative to ensure that all required elements were included in the completed video production. Filming took place over two days, where we gathered all the relevant interviews with staff, creators, and shots of the VR design review software in action.

Our thorough pre-production process and targeted filming strategy ensured that the completed video clearly demonstrates the software and how it works, encouraging viewers to find out more about the software after watching the video.

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Our expert video production team created an exciting and informative video that helps Slipstream showcase their innovative product out to new potential clients. Working alongside the build of their new website, with a goal of generating leads, the video is able to inform and educate potential customers about the solutions Slipstream can provide.

Whether you're launching a new product to market, or wanting to push your existing services, we can help with your next promotional video project. Discover more about our other video services.

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