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Boosting Visibility with SEO

Creating a dual-purpose support and e-commerce website for a leading software company

The Brief

Siemens Industry Software provide specialist visualisation software and plugins.

Our web agency has worked with Siemens Industry Software for several years, so they came straight to us when they needed a new website to securely sell their digital Iray Plugins range worldwide.

Iray Plugins is a range of Iray 3D rendering tools that can be used across multiple 3D software packages, including Maya, 3DS Max, and Rhino.

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Website Functionality

The new Iray Plugins website needed to serve two main functions: an online shop to explore and purchase the different plug-ins and to act as a comprehensive support tool for their users. It also needed to showcase the products, clearly explain the benefits, include a gallery of work their customers have created using their products, and provide a support forum for users' challenges.

The e-commerce part of the site needed two clear purchasing paths; to either purchase a licence or to download a free 30-day trial. We integrated the Stripe payment platform to take payments. We also integrated a live VAT lookup function to check whether that company is using a valid VAT number, and it also calculates the VAT rate based on the country they’ve selected. Once the transaction has gone through, a time-limited secure link is generated to allow users to download the software from Amazon Web Services (AWS). A code is then sent separately so they can activate their licence.

All transactions are stored in the bespoke CMS alongside the licence details. It also allows VAT invoices to be generated at the click of a button so they can be sent to customers as required.


The site also had to act as a support tool for users, so we built-in forums and design communities, to help enhance the user’s overall experience of the product and encourage them to keep coming back to the website.

We designed a very visual website with a modern edge to fit in with their software market target audience. The overall look and feel is very image-heavy, to help showcase the fantastic work that can be achieved through the use of the products. However, when containing a lot of imagery, websites can become slow to load, so to prevent this, we built in a ‘lazy load’ gallery function.

The website has dedicated areas for each product, with clear links from the homepage, so users can quickly and easily find the software relevant to them.

Whenever a new software release is ready, the team at Siemens can upload it quickly and securely via the bespoke CMS to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which then automatically updates the site and purchases emails. Hence, customers always get the latest version available.

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"The work that the team do, particularly within SEO and digital marketing is second to none. Their approach ensures our e-commerce platform continues to run smoothly, whilst pushing its levels of overall quality to the next level. It's a testament to the hard work of the Hydra Creative team. " - Jamie Tyler, Siemens Industry Software Limited

"Hydra are extremely collaborative and detail orientated. They make the process of creating video as stress-free for the customer as possible. We'd highly recommend them." - Ben Widdowson, Siemens Industry Software Limited 

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