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Carley Consult are a multi-award-winning consultancy, offering specialist bid-writing services, training and resources to help their clients secure new public service contracts.

In order to grow their client base and expand into new sectors, Carley Consult required a new and improved website which would be measurably more effective in attracting and capturing sales leads than their existing website.

Website Design

Following an intensive discovery session, where we really delved into Carley Consult’s aims, target audiences and requirements for the new website; we set about creating a detailed site map. Our UX designers gave consideration considered the user journey and experience. They then created a clear and straightforward navigation and page structure, making it easy for potential clients to learn more about Carley Consult’s services and why they are a consultancy of choice.

To further improve the user journey, we established a clear ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ approach throughout. Each page included a clear and strong call to action to encourage clients to register for the tracker, book an appointment, and find out more. The site also features a prominent ‘How to buy’ section to explain to potential customers how the bid writing process works and what to expect.

To help position Carley Consult as a thought leader, there is an easy-to-find and searchable Latest News section with their latest articles, events and news stories.

Website Functionality

As part of the lead generation focus, the website needed to integrate with SalesForce and their email marketing platform to allow Carley Consult to manage the Tender Tracker bid alerts and other communications. To make it easier for prospective clients to make an initial enquiry, we also integrated a ‘book an appointment’ system connected to Carley Consult’s Outlook calendars.

We included strong, clear calls to action throughout the site to encourage new clients to register for the tracker to see the latest bids and, in doing so, help to capture those all-important new leads. Once logged in to the Tender Tracker, the user has access to a dashboard with the latest bids, news, and resources relevant to their individual preferences. The site also includes a clear resource area, which the team can continue to build and expand over time as they create new materials.

The new website has been designed to be mobile-first and fully responsive to ensure all clients can successfully navigate the site, regardless of device or browser. In order to provide a positive user experience and reduce bounce rate, site speed was a key consideration. Through careful optimisation, the new site has a load speed of 95 on desktop and 73 on mobile (via Google Site Speed).

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Bespoke CMS

We built a bespoke content management system (CMS) with different user levels to allow the Carley Consult team to add bids and update both content and output reports as per visitor interaction. This allows Carley Consult to generate and send out relevant remarketing emails based on what the user has viewed.

The CMS is simple and easy for the team to use, and because it’s completely bespoke, it doesn’t include any unnecessary features or plug-ins which could potentially bulk and slow down the site.

On Carley Consult’s previous website, the process of managing and uploading the latest bids to the Tender Tracker was very time-consuming and convoluted, requiring the team to manually move bids from one spreadsheet to another as they passed from new to current or historic. So, we set about finding a more streamlined way for the team to keep the tracker updated. We created a bulk uploader function, so the team is only required to update one spreadsheet, and the system automatically updates and moves the bids into the relevant sections on the website.

We also made it much easier and simpler for the team to create their bi-weekly Tender Tracker email alerts by creating a function to output the latest tender information in HTML format directly from the website CMS. The team can then paste this HTML code straight into their email marketing platform. These improvements to the management of the Tender Tracker have not only significantly reduced the potential for human error but are also far more efficient, saving the team a lot of time each week.

The Results

Initial feedback from the Carley Consult team and their clients has been incredibly positive. The team are finding the new CMS and Tender Tracker process much easier to use, and we’re excited to see the website grow with them.

From launch and beyond, the site has been worked on by our talented SEO team. Over 25% of all traffic is now from organic rankings, and website traffic is now a massive 80% from new visitors – which gives the opportunity for Carley Consult to massively increase their client base.

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