Divergent Audio Group create sample libraries for producers, composers and sound designers.

They operate a number of different e-commerce websites, each with a different range of products. The websites operate as a marketplace, where audio developers can sell their tracks, and end-users can buy them. As the products are sold and distributed online, it is essential that each website is up to date, easy to use and secure.

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Divergent Audio Group came to us to help them update two of their e-commerce websites, adding in advanced functionality which could be easily built on in the future. Both sites needed to be easy to use from both an admin and end-user point of view.

Each site has its own specific target audiences and had to appeal to the developers creating new audio samples, as well as the end users.

As well as looking good, the sites needed to work extremely hard, with a secure payment system, that would allow customers to easily purchase products. We paid particular attention to the user experience and journeys of each of their target audiences, building in intuitive search and filter functions and additional functionality, including reviews, wish lists, promo codes, currency convertors, to engage with users and enhance their journey through the site.

The sites integrate with a major cloud storage service, providing a secure way of hosting the downloadable material available for purchase. Buyers can explore sample clips before they buy, thanks to our bespoke audio player, which even generates a sound wave automatically from each track.

We created a set of clearly defined admin roles, each with a unique level of access, within the bespoke CMS. Certain admin roles are responsible for adding new content, whereas others take on a sales function; with the ability to upsell and cross sell products through the bundles feature we created. These offers can be time-limited, with an auto-expiry feature, reducing the amount of time admin needs to spend working on the site updates.