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Vinny Gee Documentary

The Brief

Fitness instructor and philanthropist Vincent (Vinny) Gee Vinny came to us with an idea of creating a documentary of his life. After being thrown onto the streets at 15 years old, he rebuilt his life and is now a personal trainer, renowned for his tough training methods.

Those familiar with channel 4's OC Cleaners will know of Vinny Gee - the outspoken personal trainer from Sheffield. But many won't be aware that Vinny spent a large proportion of his life living on the streets - his obsessive compulsive disorder forming after years of abuse at the hands of his parents.

The Aim

Filmed on location in Nottingham St Ann’s, our aim was to raise awareness of the homeless problem in the UK and also promote his upcoming book.

In the documentary, we go on a touching journey with Vinny, following the trials and tribulations that have been thrown at him over the years – it's safe to say he has an abundance of life experience. From being bullied, expelled, arrested, having 'sadists' as parents and drug addiction (including heroin), Vinny demonstrates how it is possible for people to turn their lives around.

He went cold turkey – quitting drugs and finding solace in fitness. He began training two to three times a day, seven days a week. Having something to focus on allowed him to channel his energy into something positive - now he has something to show for himself – he is a proud father and grandfather. Watch our touching documentary to find out more for yourself.

The Documentary

The response to the documentary has been positive, with one YouTuber commenting: "This has revealed a side to you that I never knew existed. I was very moved to see a tear coming out of your eye. It explains a lot about your training methods”.

The Final Result

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