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Pro Care website

Branching off from ProHealthcare, Pro Care focuses on the care sector and creates a learning platform that those wanting to keep up with their CPD can manage and build up on, all through the site and its members areas.

Pro Care

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By signing in to the members area of the site, each member has their own home screen that allows them to keep up to date with all their, information, certificates and history. Members also have the ability to upload courses and certificates completed outside of this website letting them keep everything in one place.

As well as getting a free trial at sign up, member pay for courses using a pay as you go method that can be bought for either single or group use. Discounts are added when multiple courses are bought.

Additional resources allows members to download and view a number of different learning material such as videos, documents and interactive Ebooks. Group members also have the benefit of uploading resources, all of which can be managed through the sites bespoke CMS.

Some other features of the site include the automatic sign up to mail chimp at registration as well as the compatibility of 3rd party learning courses.

Visit Pro Care's website for more details about the company.

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