Ongoing website design & development

The Brief

For nearly 30 years Lightworks have been working with leading software companies to develop and integrate their visualisation technology into CAD systems and design applications. Their dedication to technology and feature development means that they’ve been working with many of their customers for decades, which is no mean feat in the software sector.

After working with Lightworks initially to create a new online presence, as the business has continued to grow, we were tasked with developing that website further.

Ongoing website design & development


A key requirement was to focus on the user-journey and experience to increase user interaction. The website design was required to be simple and easy to navigate through to encourage site users to stay on the website longer and explore further.

To drive interaction from users, we were asked to integrate social sharing throughout the website to increase the amount of content being viewed on various platforms by a wider audience, encouraging first time visitors to discover and view the site.


We designed the website to promote the three main areas of the business, and to drive users to the relevant content within the site. We did this by colour coding each ‘What We Do’ area to ensure that the site was consistent depending on which area of the business the user was on.

Within the CMS, admin can create blog posts and tag those posts to the relevant section of the ‘What We Do’ to increase engagement, and encourage site visitors to read further, and find out more about the work that Lightworks do for their clients.

We integrated social media share buttons throughout the site as standard. However, to increase user interaction, we added a ‘sign up to newsletter’ function, which allows the site-user to sign up to receive the latest news from Lightworks. Doing so adds extra value to the user experience of the visitor whilst on the website, and raises awareness of the business with their target audience through regular email newsletters.

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