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The Challenge

Lightwork Design, now part of Siemens Industry Software Limited, approached us to develop a corporate website that would be an umbrella site to Lightworks' Services: Iray +, Iray Plugins and Slipstream.

The brief was to develop a corporate site that would increase awareness of the offered services, encourage active user engagement, and bring together the leading industry software products offered by Lightworks into one seamless brand identity. The corporate site would direct users to the service most suited and fitting for their needs, either Iray +, Iray Plugins or Slipstream, prompting them onto the relevant product site whilst providing a comprehensive overview of their products.

The site needed to present Lightworks as a brand, ensuring that each product is easily identifiable as a Lightworks service whilst also showcasing the company's expertise and well-established position within the industry. Additionally, the site needed to act as a hub where downloads, new releases and support would be housed. Therefore a significant challenge was ensuring that the website retained the brand identity and personality of Lightworks, without neglecting or sacrificing any functionality. 

Our Approach

We designed and built the umbrella corporate site with the end User Experience (UX) in mind, as well as ensuring every level of the website was working to drive traffic to either direct enquiries or guide users to individual product sites wherever possible.

Each page was built to present the professionalism and expertise of Lightworks as a brand, whilst ensuring that the aesthetics were inviting, accessible and user-friendly. This included building social media icons into the footers of pages to encourage engagement across social media, scrollable headshots in the About Us section and direct links to staff LinkedIn profiles to encourage direct enquiries and make it as easy as possible to get in contact.

Additionally, we developed a bespoke CMS system that allowed Lightworks to be able to build their own pages using slides, keeping all content fresh and updated. The Careers page is also kept as up to date as possible with the integration of the recruitment site Reed, ensuring that all job postings are current and live.


We created an effective corporate site that underlines the strong brand identity of Lightwork Design, with an overall look that is innovative, approachable and professional.

The new site design follows Lightwork Design's brand guidelines closely and has been integral in generating new leads, acting as a central hub that provides a solid overview of the knowledge and capabilities of Lightworks as a company. The website has proved very successful in ensuring that users are able to quickly and easily find the information that they are looking for, as it continues to build upon a solid base of users, clearly presenting the services on offer and is accessible on several different platforms of communication. The new corporate website has been very effective in presenting the extensive expertise of Lightworks as a brand, and in showcasing the benefits of each service in an accessible format.

If you want to take a look at the website, click here. 

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