Kontakt Hub
E-Commerce Website Design & Development

The Brief

Kontakt Hub is the online marketplace for developers to sell, and end users to buy, sound libraries for use with Kontakt players, a niche digital audio synthesiser and sampler.

They required an up to date website with advanced functionality, that could be easily built on in the future as technology advances. The site needed full ecommerce functionality, and be easy to use regardless of whether you are admin, developer or end user.


The site needed to be appealing to its specific target audiences, both audio developers and end users, with particular attention paid to user experience and journey. Another key requirement was an intuitive search and filter function, that would allow customers to find the exact product they needed, quickly and easily.

A key technical requirement for the new website was for it to have a user friendly and secure payment system, that would allow customers to easily purchase sound libraries and other products. The site needed to built in a way that meant it could be developed further in the future as the company grows, saving unnecessary expense. The CMS also had to very easy to use, as the previous website had been very difficult for admin to manage.

E-Commerce Website Design & Development

What we did

As well as looking good, the site needed to work extremely hard, to give the end user a streamlined experience. It is easy to manage, with review functionality, wish list and search facility to engage with users and enhance their journey through the site. The site is integrated with a major cloud storage service, which is a secure way of hosting downloadable material that the site has available for purchase. Buyers can explore sample clips before purchase, thanks to the integration of SoundCloud and YouTube.

The online selling portal allows buyers and developers to interact – buyers can follow their favourite developers, and see when they add new products. This encourages repeat site visits from existing users. The site also takes payments securely online, and manages the experience seamlessly for buyers, developers and site admin.


The new website is attractive, appealing and effective. Its complex functionality and careful design means that it is futureproofed – as the business grows, so can the website, without it requiring a full redesign and build.

Following a successful launch, the site is now a busy hub for buyers and developers, and is a seamless marketplace that supports the Kontakt developer industry.

Social media integration allows effortless engagement with all users, and the site is designed to encourage up and coming developers to get involved and sell their products through the website.

Admin can upsell and cross sell products through the bundles feature we built into the site. This allows discounts and special promotions to be applied by admin, at the request of developers, to promote specific products. These offers can be time-limited, with an auto-expiry feature, reducing the amount of time admin needs to spend working on the site updates.

-95.97% Bounce Rate Reduced by YoY
+61.53% Individual Users YoY
+349.18% Page Views YoY
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