Bespoke Website Design & Development

The Brief

Our brief was to help push Gripple to the next level globally, through an innovative digital solution. They required a powerful CMS which would allow a multiple of different users to easily update the website, to support them to grow and continue to branch out into new markets globally.

Gripple required the user experience to be revised and made simpler, assisting the user to find the most suitable products for their job and application needs.One of the key requirements was that the content management system would have advanced access levels, allowing an unlimited number of CMS users to accessthe system from wherever they are in the world, in different languages and departments.

Bespoke Website Design & Development


The single bespoke CMS that we created can control an unlimited number of different versions of the website, all carefully targeted at different countries, languages and markets. This allows for drafting, uploading of 3D renders with hot point tagging, pinning content such as case studies and sales advisors on to a global map using the Google API (thus allowing users to interact with the map on the website), as well as various bespoke filters to help visitors to easily find relevant content. The website adapts to where in the world it is being accessed from, through the detection of the user IP address and language preference, which enables targeted content to be shown to relevant users worldwide.

Bespoke Website Design & Development

The CMS has advanced access levels, allowing an unlimited number of CMS users to access the system from all over the world in different languages and departments. It also features a fully integrated approval process that Gripple can control centrally, enabling department managers to approve any new content before it goes live on the website. We also added an advanced tagging system, to allow for quick cross-population of products, applications and markets. This gives Gripple the ability to easily create a new section themselves, by entering a few simple options into the CMS to allow the new site to target a completely different market, country or language. This enables Gripple to effectively and accurately manage their online presence globally, saving time and fostering innovation.


Throughout the project we ensured that we didn’t just prioritise the needs of Gripple, but also the needs of their users and customers. This included a revised user journey to guide users to the appropriate product range that fits best with the specific market and application the user specialises in. Gripple have a huge product range, and many of the users aren’t familiar with the terminology and technical names of some of the products, so this user journey not only helps them understand the products by offering several visual prompts to aid easy identification, but it also gives Gripple the chance to both upsell and cross sell further products when a user gets in touch. The website is fully optimised for mobile and tablet devices, encouraging users to access the website wherever they are.  Allowing users to do this assists with the decision making process, as it makes it easier than ever to find exactly what they are looking for.

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