Barnsley Council
Brand Identity Design

The Brief

Enterprising Young People is part of Barnsley Council’s scheme to support young people aged 14-24 to set up their own businesses.

The brief was for the branding to be engaging, appealing to the target audience, as well as fresh and modern. It was crucial to get the design right, as it was intended to be used in a variety of ways to promote the initiative, both in print and online.

Initial Designs

Our research into the target audience meant understanding what is appealing to young people, to ensure that the design is relevant. This included colours and fonts, to help create the whole look.

The dedication of Enterprising Young People to encourage collaboration and communication between the young people it helps made us think of bees in a hive, and the strength of the hexagonal honeycomb that supports the hive to thrive. This proved to be our starting point for our designs.

Final Designs

We were also asked to create a set of characters that would fit in with the theme of idea generation and business development for young people, as well as complementing the newly created brand. These characters needed to be relevant and inclusive, fitting in with the agreed brand.

As well as the branding and character design, we were also tasked with designing flyers, magazine adverts and pull up banners, to be used in a variety of different settings, all of which had to complement the branding and enhance the positive message. The logo also featured on a variety of other promotional materials.

Brand Identity Design
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