Aston & Woods
Brand Identity Design

The Brief

Aston & Woods are a start-up company, whose aim is to bring something new to the optical care and eyewear market. Their business model is to combine high end fashion with expert knowledge, to provide customers with the ultimate eyecare experience. They required strong branding to reflect these values, and attract their target audience.

The company combines the fashion element of eyeglasses with the aim of finding the perfect pair, alongside the importance of high quality eye tests and everything behind the scenes. Aston & Woods blend their attention to detail with expert knowledge to offer different variations/packages of eye test, including an OCT scan, meaning they can offer the latest advancements in imaging technology to their discerning customers.

Brand Identity Design

Initial Designs

The client wanted eyeglasses to be incorporated into the designs, but in a non-obvious, clever way. This formed the basis of our brief.

After initially including the glasses as the letters ‘oo’ in Woods, both ourselves and the clients felt that it was too friendly looking, and that the key requirement of ‘high-fashion’ was lost.

Final Designs

The final design agreed upon consists of the whole logo incorporating the eyeglasses, and the eyeglasses element as an additional icon, that could be used alone where required. Striking used alone, the icon further enhances the message of Aston & Woods.

The branding is true to the original brief, and effectively demonstrates the progression of the brand from initial sketches to finished, polished logo.

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