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Capturing the essence of the GUTS Event

Video production for a local charity advocating engineering and manufacturing career pathways

The Challenge 

The aim of the Get Up To Speed event (GUTS) is to gather support from local manufacturing and engineering businesses while also serving as an informative tool for students, teachers, and parents about the vast opportunities available to young people for future careers in STEM businesses. We have been chosen for our video production services to film their events each year since 2017, with the primary objective of creating a visually captivating and informative promotional video showcasing the excitement of the event.

Every year, we have brought something slightly different in how we approach the filming of the event. We now have two videographers on the day to cover more ground, allowing us to get creative with our shots and interview a wider range of people at the event. A few weeks prior to the event, we set up a meeting with the organisers to walk around the venue, the Magna Science Centre. This allows us to get a good sense of the plan for exhibiting businesses and hands-on activities each year to plan the best shots.


To enhance the promotional video's visual appeal, we integrate drone footage into the finished production. By deploying a drone, we can capture the grandeur and scale of both the venue and the event itself. The aerial shots showcase the vastness of the exhibition space, creating a sense of excitement for the event and demonstrating its place in the surrounding environment.

Our video production team incorporated specialised time-lapse cameras strategically positioned in the main hall for the latest video. This allowed us to showcase the bustling activity as students explored exhibition stalls and interacted with industry professionals. The time-lapse footage effectively portrayed the energy and liveliness of the event, further engaging the target audience.

By employing these innovative techniques, such as drone footage and time-lapse cameras, our videographers successfully captured the event's scale, excitement, and engagement.

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The Impact

The Work-Wise team loved the drone and the timelapse footage, which greatly elevated the promotional video. When it was posted on their social media platforms, they received positive comments about how good the event looked on the video, demonstrating the effectiveness of a professionally produced video for the marketing of events.

We love working with charitable foundations such as Work-Wise, as we actively contribute to their mission and give back by introducing new generations to these career paths. With video now being the most effective way for people to get their information and hear about events, this is a great medium to show how engaging and fun the event can be.

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"It is always a positive experience working with the team at Hydra Creative, they are very professional, focused on customer service and have a very creative team. We have been delighted with the work and videos they have produced for us. They are always a pleasure to work with and are highly recommended. The standard and level of customer service continued to be first class."
- CEO, Work-Wise Foundation

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