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Food Science Videos Engage GCSE Viewers 

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The Institute of Food Science Technology came to us after searching for an approachable video production company that could film a series of engaging food science videos for the new GCSE syllabus.

The Institute of Food Science Technology had a clear idea of what they wanted, and so we worked with them at their London offices to put together the project plan to ensure that the resulting videos would be effective and successful. 

As we had a relatively short timeframe in which to complete the project, we worked closely with the team in London, with face to face meetings and skype utilised to enable us to quickly agree details such as filming location, props and storyboards.

As our first attempt at creating videos for an online audience we were very nervous and unsure, however Hydra Creative were the perfect partner and at such a competitive price.

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The videos needed to be clear and informative so we used a two camera set up to make sure nothing was missed which would then require us to restart the scene, impacting on the natural flow of the presenter. This camera set up consisted of a wide shot that the presenter would talk to, and a close up shot of the table to capture the details that the wide might have missed, and to highlight key points of detail.

The five videos were shot over two days to make sure the videos were consistent and to keep the client's costs within budget.  We worked as a team to make sure every shot was prepared on time with minimum delays, ready for filming. 

Having a PHD food science student present, and a team of professionals helping to prepare the props and experiments really made this project a joy to work on, and we have plans to film with the team again in the near future.

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