A woman of many talents, Alison Edgar is a thought leader, motivational speaker, author and award-winning entrepreneur. Dubbed 'The Entrepreneur's Godmother', Alison lives by the words 'If you don't sell you don't have a business. But, if you can sell, you can do anything.'

Alison wanted a promotional showreel video, that highlighted her genuine enthusiasm for her craft and showcased how audience involvement is a fundamental part of her talks.

We travelled to The London Business Show to film Alison's public speaking, capturing her interacting with her audience whilst discussing “the secrets of successful sales”. With the presentation just 40 minutes long and the filming taking place over one day, we had to ensure we recorded all the footage we needed within the limited time-frame.

The video we produced compiled a variety of short, snappy clips featuring Alison engaging with the multitude of people who had come to see her, demonstrating her passion for her work. We produced and edited the video within a week, so it could be publicised when it was still fresh in people's minds.

The video gives people who couldn't attend the exhibition a way of giving feedback or making enquiries online. The film is now featured prominently on the homepage of Alison’s website, as you can see here.

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