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A New Brochure Website Targeted For A Niche Market

Improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing safety for S3 ID

The Challenge

Organisations can track their assets, from people to equipment and inventory, in real-time thanks to S3 ID. Their asset monitoring solutions and technologies are used in a variety of hazardous environments, to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance safety. But they wanted to connect more with their niche audience worldwide, as one of the only companies offering their unique combination of products and services, all designed and manufactured in the UK. The key requirement for S3 ID was to create a bespoke yet simple website which established credibility and expertise. It needed to look like a digital brochure with simple call-to-action animations. Critically, it also needed to be easy for admins to update.

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Our Bespoke Solution

The team at Hydra created a custom post type that allows the client to manage job opportunities, which are then pulled into the relevant website sections automatically. The site also enables S3 ID team to securely handle messages from visitors too. To improve functionality, the entire site and its content have been optimised. The addition of an advanced custom fields plugin means the team can change every image and piece of text from within the Content Management System.

The Impact

The new website highlights the USP of S3 ID’s experience in hazardous industries immediately, as well as their services. Now, loading time is quick on both desktop and mobile, retaining all functionality no matter the device. The site is easy to use and responsive, with an intuitive content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for the site admin to update content and imagery in the future. Full CMS training ensures all site admins are confident in managing day-to-day content and imagery changes.

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Think Hydra would be the solution for your next project?

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