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Bespoke website development for Dementia Carer

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The Brief

Dementia Carer approached us to create an online information platform for those suffering from, and those caring for people who are suffering from, dementia.

As the target audience are family members and carers of dementia sufferers, the website needed to be approachable and friendly, and also informative to the audience. The user journey needed to be clear and simple to allow site users to be able to navigate the website with ease.

The new website required an easy to manage content management system (CMS), to allow admin to update the website on a regular basis without difficulty. This would ensure that the website would be easy to keep updated regularly with new resources and content.

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Website Design and Development

We developed a colour-coordinated section where depending on the category you request information for it will define the colours of the content. This makes the user journey more visible, as well as making it easy for site visitors to see the options they have clicked. The use of video also helps to engage visitors and offers an alternative way of imparting information.

To help the website user to be able to find the most relevant information for them swiftly and easily, we created an option where the browser stores user location, gender and status, to help to swiftly find the correct information related to their particular need.

The new website gives users the chance to set up a profile without needing to identify themselves and gather the correct information from their locations and situation. This all helps to make the experience of using the website as easy as possible. The usability of the site has meant that it has seen an increase in the number of people turning to it for advice and help whilst they are caring for a friend or family member with dementia, and the website is now regarded as an invaluable resource.

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