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Want to stand out from your competitors with something different? An engaging animation is an excellent way to promote your brand, whilst also showing your customers how a particular product or service works. Whether it be character animation, kinetic typography, or motion graphics, animation is a great creative medium to promote your brand in an imaginative way.

Improve user engagement

Animation is a unique marketing tool as its motion qualities improve viewer engagement. Animated explainers are helpful in communicating product information quickly and effectively in an inclusive way, as opposed to lengthy articles going into great detail explaining how something works. It fuses the abilities of digital technology with artistic design to optimise your company's digital presence.

Communicate your story

The needs, requirements and end goals you wish to achieve through animation are our video production team's priority to understand. We involve you in the animation process at every stage. Firstly, we develop a treatment and storyboard from your brief through having a face to face meeting. This gives everyone involved a clear, overall idea of how the animation will communicate your story.

After this has been agreed and signed off, we begin to visualise your project by developing artwork that complements your brand. We then add a taster of animation in the form of an animatic. This helps to plan timings and illustrate how we'll animate your final video, helping you to understand how your final animation will actually look. The final stage brings your concept to life through full animation.

Animation is versatile

Animation has various uses and can increase the quality of your digital presence. The completed animation can be shared on social media, integrated into your website, played at exhibition stands, or promoted anywhere else it is required, to help achieve maximum impact. 

Check out our animation work.  Why not get in touch to discuss your ideas and start your project?

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