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Care Homes and Video Solutions

Care homes are essential to our elderly population who can no longer take care of themselves, and need a safe and nurturing environment to maintain their quality of life. There is a crisis in social care, and with care homes in particular there is a recruitment crisis. Therefore, the sector as a whole needs to find ways of attracting employees and training them correctly and retaining those members of staff.

What are the digital challenges the Care Home sector is facing?

The care home sector is facing a number of digital challenges, including a lack of technology infrastructure. Many care homes do not have the necessary technology infrastructure in place to support digital solutions. Other limitations cover a digital know how by staff who are working in care homes around the UK, which can make it difficult for new technology to be implemented.


How can video help improve the Care Home sector?

Video can help improve the care home sector in numerous ways. There are the obvious benefits of effective marketing videos, giving potential residents and their families a helpful insight into the care and features that your care home offers, in an easy to understand, visual format.

The benefits of video isn’t limited to just the residents and their families; it is also vital for internal purposes for the staff working in the care homes. Staff training videos would be a perfect way of reviewing best practices, and when new employees are being inducted, having a professional video presentation that they can watch to give them a good idea of what the care home is about and how they look after their residents can get new recruits off to the best start.


What sort of video content is suitable for the Care Home sector?

When creating video content for the care home sector, it's important to consider the audience and the purpose of the video. Some types of video content that may be useful for care homes include:

  • Case Studies: Creating short videos that introduce residents and share their stories can help to personalise the care home experience and connect residents with their families and friends.
  • Virtual tours: Creating virtual tours of the care home can help to showcase the facility and its amenities, and can be useful for marketing and recruitment purposes.
  • Staff training: Creating instructional videos on topics such as infection control, caregiving techniques, and emergency procedures can be used to train staff members and keep them up to date on best practices.
  • Safety protocols: Creating videos that explain the care home's safety protocols, such as COVID-19 measures, can help to educate residents, families, and staff and promote safety.

It's important to keep in mind that video content should be easy to understand, engaging and accessible for all audiences, including those with visual or hearing impairment.


What are the benefits of using video for the Care Home sector?

Using video in the care home sector can have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Boosting recruitment
  • Easing workload for staff
  • Increasing occupancy
  • Improve staff skills
  • Higher traffic on your website

With the rise in interactive video over the last few years, this could be another element to add to the likes of a virtual tour video. So it allows users to go on a virtual tour, but then allows them to choose their own path and get to the correct facilities or even just to find where important information is.

It can also be a way of streamlining the process to your target audience booking an appointment for a physical visit, or even to just call up and ask more questions.


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