Westbourne School
Promotional Video

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a promotional video that would portray the school’s key values whilst reinforcing that they are a co-educational institution.

The video was to be displayed on the homepage of the school’s website to attract and engage with site visitors.

Promotional Video

The Idea

The idea we went ahead with was the journey of a school girl from her first day at the school to her GCSE results day.

To make the girl at various ages look constant, we asked our actresses to sweep a little bit of hair behind their ear. By doing this, the audience would know that this was the same girl throughout the video. It also created a nice opening and ending to the video that lead and held the narrative throughout the video.

Special Considerations

To enable the journey through school to appear believable, we got several actresses who looked similar, all of different ages.

To ensure that the actresses appeared consistent we asked each one to simply move their hair behind their ear, which can be seen on the final video. We were required to include the key departments for the school, which are Art, Drama, Sports and Music, within the story board process we worked with the school to incorporate these departments successfully.

2,322 Views within the first week
19 Likes within the first week

The Final Result

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