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Showcasing Studio Space with Professional Footage

Promotional banner video for Creative Audio Studio

The Brief

Housed in an ex-cinema, Kinema Audio is a creative sound production studio dedicated to making exceptional audio recordings. Their services cover recording, composition, voice-over, and mastering. They have worked with renowned names such as the BBC, Ford, Film 4, etc. 


Kinema Audio was looking for a video production company to create a promotional banner video that would be used on the homepage of their brand-new website. They were looking to show off the whole studio space and have several musicians come in throughout the day to capture footage of different instruments and the recording and mastering process. 

The Approach

During the pre-production process, we worked collaboratively with Kinema Audio to develop the idea for this banner video. In the early stages, we investigated music studio setup examples to get inspiration for how we wanted to film this video.

We carried out a location scout in the weeks leading up to the day of filming. This was very beneficial in seeing the space we would be filming and any other areas the client wanted us to capture footage of for the final banner video.

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The Production

We filmed over one day, capturing all the required footage for the banner video. We brought two cameras to capture multiple angles and smooth tracking shots to create a dynamic sequence of shots for the post-production stage. To focus on the centre of the studio space, we decided that the best option was to use a spotlight effect on the musicians, as the fallout of the light would hide anything in the background.

Once we had completed filming, we moved straight to the editing, where we collated the best shots and assembled a dynamic sequence of footage. The client supplied us with a music track, which helped us create the right pace for the video's edit. The music track combined all the instruments recorded on the day of filming, so it tied into the whole video.

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The Success

We created an engaging and professional-looking promotional video for the client, which is now used on the banner of their website, so it’s the first thing users see when they enter the website. We enjoyed working on this video, and the client was delighted with the final result.

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“Matt and James worked with us to develop a promotional video for our business. We found them to be very professional, cooperative, easy to work with, and the result was spot on.” 
- Kinema Audio

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