AJR Aviation Limited
Brand Development, Website Design and Development

The Brief

AJR Aviation Limited provides unparalleled service in the procurement and selling of aircraft.

The Group is comprised of aviation industry professionals with over 70 years’ experience, making AJR Aviation Limited a dedicated and focused team with a highly adaptive infrastructure. They required a classy and attractive brand identity, as well as an easy to use website that would grow with the company.

Hydra Creative takes a very hands-on and thorough approach; making it very easy to work together. From the initial phone call to the proposal to all work taking shape, Hydra have understood our needs and have been in constant contact with updates every step of the way.

Brand development

Before commencing any design work, we held a discovery consultation session with the client, to enable us to understand AJR Aviation on a deeper level. This enabled us to build a comprehensive and accurate brief, outlining our agreed plans for the project, and its requirements.

After several rounds of concepts and possible logo ideas, the final design was agreed upon as the most effective.  The centred alignment of the logo ensures the design is flexible, as its neat composition means that the logo is effective, both in print and online.

The final logo is monochrome, creating a sense of sophistication and elegance, as well as being both traditional and cutting edge - all values important to AJR Aviation.

Website design & development

As soon as the logo had been completed, work began on the new website.  A simple brochure site, the key requirements were that it would be sophisticated, easy to use and flexible, whilst also being an effective lead generation tool.  Built with a fully bespoke content management system (CMS), the site is designed to be able to expand as the company grows.

The style of the website fits with the new brand - streamlined and monochromatic - whilst also being high impact for AJR's target audience.  The site is aimed at potential buyers, as well as sellers of aircraft, with all necessary information laid out in an easy to access format on the website.  Calls to action are clear, and the site looks great on both desktop and mobile.  Thanks to the user-friendly CMS, admin are able to update the content on the website quickly and easily.

Brand Development, Website Design and Development

They are professional, innovative, and creative with excellent communication skills. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the vast services that Hydra Creative offer and will continue to use them in the future.

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