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Imagery Upgrade with New Business Brochure

Printed marketing material design and creation

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The Brief

Well-known Sheffield business centre, The Quadrant, required a major upgrade to their promotional material, in order to portray a fresh, contemporary and exciting feel that was much more in keeping with the ethos of the ethical business.

As The Quadrant required a new brochure, A-Frame graphics and a graphic feedback system, we had an intensive discovery session to identify what they wanted visitors to do once they had seen the printed promotional material. Their objectives determined the way in which the materials were designed, whilst also keeping the audience in mind.

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The Designs

The designs reflect the fresh approach to customer care that the staff at The Quadrant pride themselves on. They are quirky, unique, and not in the least what you would expect from your average business centre.

To complete the new look, we designed a graphic feedback system that is attention-grabbing and very visual, in order to encourage service users to engage in communication with the centre staff. The board features a wealth of customer service information, as well as a clever integrated token collector, to encourage clients to actively feedback about their experiences whilst at the business centre.

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