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Ringside World is a leading UK provider of wrestling and MMA tickets. Managing Director Keith Tarry needed an e-commerce website and met with us thanks to a recommendation from a long-term business partner. Ringside World wanted a bespoke e-commerce website to act as a hub for British wrestling events to help the scene grow in popularity. The Ringside World team also wanted to reduce admin time and increase business efficiency with an easy-to-use CMS.

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Website Development

The new Ringside World website needed two main functions. Firstly, the website needed to allow visitors to explore and purchase wrestling and MMA tickets. Secondly, the website was to act as a hub for wrestling, including promoting the sport by promoting training schools across the country.

Event promoters also used the website, so our developers created a system where promoters had a secure login to upload, edit, and manage wrestling events. The system also allows promoters to control their shows online and see statistical breakdowns of their event progress.

As part of the main revenue-generation focus, the website was integrated with both the PayPal and Stripe platforms to enable quick and easy e-ticket purchases; once purchased, the site generated e-tickets for the users, each with a unique QR code that could be scanned to gain entry into the event. We also made sure to encrypt stored data to ensure the security of personal details when users were buying tickets through the site.

To help promote some of the many talented training schools situated throughout the country and allow further exposure to encourage people to discover the wonderful world of wrestling and MMA, we added interactive maps for both events and schools. The two maps enable users to find training schools and events happening in their local area.

Bespoke Website Functionality

Once the website was launched and business was booming, Ringside World realised that they needed to host more significant events in order to expand. Premium British wrestling companies were hosting events with crowds of over 500 people. To cater to these companies, a functionality that would allow bespoke seating plans to be created would require guests to pick seats based on event seating plan arrangements. 

The Superfast South Yorkshire grant scheme was open to helping SMEs introduce digital innovation into SMEs. The grant could be used towards the bespoke functionality that Ringside World wanted to add to the site. With the help and guidance of our team, Ringside World applied for and won the matched funding.

The required functionality allows website visitors to pick a seat at their chosen event. It adds the tickets to the basket and enables users to book tickets seamlessly and quickly. Promoters can use this to offer customers the chance to pick their exact seat at their events. The functionality was launched for the Wrestling MediaCon in 2018, which was Britain’s largest wrestling convention. It accommodated over 2,000 visitors a day and hosted events by IMPACT Wrestling and RevPro Wrestling.

"Hydra Creative are a superb company to work with. I first started using their service in 2012 and have only ever had a positive experience with the company. I can't recommend them highly enough, as a digital agency!

They always do their absolute best to help me achieve my company goals, by taking the time to understand the challenges I am facing and putting together solutions to help my business grow.
Their work is second to none, in terms of quality, design and value for money.

The team are all genuinely nice people, who take huge pride from seeing their clients grow and succeed." - Keith Tarry, Owner

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As a result of our bespoke website and CMS development, Ringside World has grown to be a market leader in the world of British wrestling and MMA. The website has seen over 3000 events listed, 70,000 tickets sold, and over 400 promoters using the site. The site and its bespoke, easy-to-use CMS have also reduced admin time for staff, as enquiries and ticket bookings are now easier to manage and track.

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