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The Challenge

The Children’s Sleep Charity launched their ‘Sleep Manifesto’ for Children and Young People at Westminster towards the end of 2017, as part of Sleep Week, in partnership with Netmums. The manifesto outlined the impact that sleep deprivation is having on the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of families and their children.

The aim of the manifesto was to improve the national understanding of the importance of sleep, to provide quality sleep support for families and to ensure that sleep is recognised as having a vital impact on mental health. The Children’s Sleep Charity invited us to film the launch of their campaign in London to enable them to reach more people through the promotion of an effective event video.

Our Approach

Our video production team commenced filming in the early afternoon of the day of the launch and continued filming long after the sun had set over Westminster.

This gave us ample opportunity to capture a variety of quality shots of the surrounding area that would later be used within the editing and post production processes. We collected a large range of clips to be used in an event video which would effectively portray The Children’s Sleep Charity’s overarching objectives within the manifesto.


From start to finish, from the inspirational speeches to the exciting networking opportunities, we captured the entire event. This footage was then edited to highlight the purpose of the event, and create a powerful, emotive and impactful video. This was very effective in portraying the importance of the ‘Sleep Manifesto’, and the necessity of recognising sleep as a key contributor to children and young peoples’ mental health.

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Children's Sleep Charity - Sleep Week Manifesto

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