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A website with user journey in mind

Our Expertise

Our thought process for every website we create is always with the user in mind. During the scoping meeting, we work with you to decide who your target market(s) are and how they will use the website – this can be from the layout, type size or accessibility. We want the user to engage with the website and ultimately your company, positively.

It doesn’t have to mean a new website

Ensuring your website is user friendly doesn’t have to take a complete re-do. During the initial meeting we can go through your current website with a fine tooth comb and find a solution to improving the usability. For example making sure your calls to actions are prominent on screen to the ensuring the layout of the content is perfect across all platforms including mobile, table and desktop.

By making your website as swift and user friendly as possible, you will increase the chance of the user staying on your site for much longer.

See below some great examples of user friendly websites that we have created for our clients. If this all sounds good, get in touch.

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