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We have an expert SEO team in house, who are in the business of helping our clients achieve their organic search goals, and earn them money.

We create SEO strategies to maximise the number and quality of visitors to your website, then help you optimise the site to turn those visitors into paying customers.

SEO is an essential part of the online marketing mix, and its one of the most cost effective ways to gain an advantage over your competitors. A good SEO strategy will include a plan to target the one or two word phrase which drives business in your market, as well as the highly valuable specific keywords your competitors haven’t even thought of yet, or are targeting ineffectively.

There’s no denying SEO is time consuming, overwhelming - and never-ending. Your competitors are no doubt using search engine optimisation techniques to battle you for space in Google’s listings, so competition is high. Google’s guidelines and machinations are vague to say the least, and best practices and techniques are constantly updating.

You may have even been burned in the past by agencies who tried to cheat their way to the top of the search engines - and you may even need our help getting your rankings back after an SEO disaster.

But now is not the time to give up on what could and should be one of your most effective marketing channels! Contact Hydra’s Digital Marketing team for an informal chat about your website and SEO goals - we’ll be more than happy to speak to you.

If you want to start seeing a return on your digital marketing investment, get in touch.

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