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The rise in popularity of digital amongst all age groups and demographics has been responsible for a huge shift in the ways companies advertise their products and services. Platforms such as social media, online publications and blogs offer an unprecedented opportunity to get your business in front of your target audience. They are a highly effective digital marketing tool.

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Social Media Ads

Social media enables you to advertise your company whilst also creating a relationship with your customers.

Social media advertising can be utilised in two main ways: through regular, relevant posts that engage with your audience; and by using pay per click (PPC) ad creation. By posting regularly and having a strong brand persona that your audience identifies with, you will be able to form a stronger connection with your audience, giving them a reason to keep coming back. Social media adverts, in their various forms, give you the opportunity to reach more potential customers, as you can target these ads at those most likely to be interested in your products and services.

Affiliate Display Ads

Affiliate display ads allows you to target a specific audience, taking into consideration people's interests and behaviours.

Being able to target your online messages in minute detail can increase the success rate of adverts, far more effectively than attempting to attract your audience with generic, catch-all ads.

When individuals feel like you are speaking directly to them, and that you understand their unique needs, they naturally become more engaged with your brand and are more likely to invest in your service or product.

PPC Display Ads

Google Ads is another online advertising service open to you, and for the right company, product or service, it can achieve impressive results as part of a focused, well-thought-out campaign. As an agency that achieved our Google Partners Status in 2015, Hydra Creative are trusted experts when it comes to creating effective AdWords campaigns for our clients.

If you would like to increase awareness, and maximise conversions through social media ads, contact our Digital Marketing Team for an informal chat about your goals.

Online Advertising

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