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Your website should be your best sales tool, working 24/7 to attract your target audience and promote your products and services online.  However, nothing beats having something to physically present to prospective clients to ensure that you stay fresh in their minds, and that they remember you when the need arises. This is when the humble brochure really comes into its own.

Impactful brochure designs

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, a considered brochure design can have a huge impact on your target audience. Whether A5 or A4, 8 pages or 48 pages, glossy and perfect bound, to matt laminated with spiral binding, the perfect brochure can elevate your marketing message above the competition. And depending on your intended audience, the brochure look and feel can vary wildly from serious and corporate, to informal and friendly, and anything in-between – when done right, brochures are a great marketing tool.

Carefully crafted

Whilst a strong design is important, the mark of a truly successful brochure is one that has engaging content, carefully crafted to speak directly to your target audience, as well as being complemented with beautiful imagery. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, whilst images may command attention and help to illustrate key points, it is the copy that will provide the marketing meat on the bones, and convince your potential clients to choose you.

When you collaborate with us to work on your company brochure or catalogue, you access our decade of expertise in graphic design, copywriting and photography/imagery, all interwoven seamlessly to captivate and speak directly to your audience. It is the unity of these components that will prompt your potential clients to engage with you after being handed your brochure.

Showcase what you offer

Brochures and catalogues can be simple and informal, designed to tease and entice. Alternatively, they can be extensive and comprehensive, showcasing everything that you offer in detail and depth, it is all in the graphic design. Brochures can be designed for print, or be created as online-only downloads, depending on your preference and intended final use. Your unique brochure solution will complement your company’s unique requirements.

We have worked with companies of all sizes in all markets to create effective brochures and catalogues that successfully generate targeted enquiries and sales.  We also engage in ongoing updates and supplements to ensure that the printed content remains fresh and relevant. Get in touch today for help with your next project.

Brochure Creation

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