William Cook Steel Castings
Toolbox Talk - Lifting Safety

The Brief

William Cook Steel Castings commissioned us to create an internal tutorial training video to replace their toolbox talks on lifting.

Before commencing work for William Cook, all new employees working with equipment are required to be taken through how to lift with machinery safely.  Previously, the safety manager would take a group of new employees through a lifting safety talk that would last around 15 minutes and cover all the necessary requirements with just a powerpoint and a few props.  Having concerns around the consistency of delivery of this method of training, the company initially tried to tackle the problem by creating a training video internally, which proved unsatisfactory, and so we were approached to work with them to produce a professional solution.

The Production

Filmed over the course of a month, with visits to their sites across the UK, we gathered the relevant footage required to create a ten minute educational video that would be played to their new employees.

The shot list consisted of various types of Jibs, Cranes and other lifting machinery shots that would be voiced over by the safety manager.  In order for us to capture the correct shots at the site we were filming at, we sat down with the safety manager beforehand and discussed which machinery was at each site.  By doing this we were able to cut down the time spent filming on the day, as well as making sure all aspects of the talk were covered.

The voice over was recorded at different points of the production.  This was purposely done in order to ensure we had time after filming to re-record if needed, and edit the footage according to the voice over.

The final outcome is now shown to every new employee, and is used regularly to keep the whole workforce up to speed with their safety training and awareness.

William Cook - lifting Safety

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