TDL Equipment
Advertising and Exhibition Graphics

The Challenge

TDL Equipment are a heavy-duty construction equipment distributor, supplying equipment and ongoing servicing to thousands of customers throughout the UK. TDL Equipment came to us as they felt that their existing magazine advertisements were outdated and no longer performing as well as they could do, as they were providing very little return on investment. Therefore, TDL Equipment wanted to upscale the quality of their advertising with a complete overhaul of their visual marketing.

We worked collaboratively with TDL to produce a suite of advertisements. These pieces were designed with the purpose of showcasing the products and services on offer, whilst also encouraging prospective customers to get in touch for more information.

After a successful magazine advertisement re-launch, we went on to design artwork for A Boards, exhibition stands, and an online animated GIF, which is used as an interactive advertisement across relevant industry websites.  The GIF is also well suited to social media platforms, such as facebook, Instagram and twitter, where they could achieve further reach. Ensuring that the final designs were suitable for multiple platforms was essential in order to maximise brand awareness and ensure that content, whether printed or digital, is being seen by as many people as possible.

The Solution

The solutions that we delivered to TDL are strongly reflective of the products that they sell, and give an overall feel that is both modern and designed to appeal to their target audience in the construction industry.

The finished designs are product focused, yet also offer information detailing the other services that TDL Equipment can provide, such as 24/7 support. The adverts have been carefully designed to appeal to TDL’s target markets, increasing engagement and awareness, and, subsequently, enquiries and sales.

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