Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
Sheffield Kitchen Outlet Promotional Video

The Brief

Sheffield Kitchen Outlet had recently opened new showrooms when they approached us, and they wanted to encourage potential customers to visit the showrooms, through a highly-visual social media campaign.

Sheffield Kitchen Outlet Promotional Video

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Hydra put together a plan to create a piece of video production that was easily shareable, with a clear concept. The idea was to focus on the kitchen showrooms' front of house, whilst also demonstrating all of the work that goes on behind the scenes – with footage of team members in the office and in the factory. This was to highlight the meticulous work and detail that goes into creating their modern kitchens. We wanted to produce a video that would take the viewer on a journey.

The video was made with the aim of emphasising that the custom-made products are all manufactured within the Sheffield Kitchen Outlet factories, and are then sold to trade customers and consumers through their show rooms. The video featured a wide range of products to enhance the brand and increase awareness of the products that the brand manufacture.

Special Considerations

We needed to ensure that we included the showrooms, warehouses and factories within the videos to appeal to all target audiences, and the video needed to reflect confidence in the brand and excellent customer service. We wanted to make a video that showcased the finest of what Sheffield Kitchen Outlets has to offer, that they could use to accurately represent and promote their new showrooms.

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The Final Result

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