Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
Location Based SEO Campaign

The Brief

Sheffield Kitchen Outlet wanted to improve their current search engine rankings for Sheffield based keywords, and to expand their market reach online, with the aim to be found online in other towns within the South Yorkshire region.

In search engine optimisation, it is imperative that your website's keywords reflect each webpage accurately – otherwise, irrelevant or inaccurate search terms could be leading the wrong users to your website. This is counterproductive – you need to ensure your target market are finding your page, otherwise there isn't much point in employing your keywords in the first place. Keywords need to generate traffic from the right individuals - the target market. Directing the wrong traffic to your site through inaccurate keywords leads to an increased bounce rate, which ultimately can cause your website to be penalised by google.


We restructured elements of the website, focusing on the key locations, and implemented location-based SEO into the site. The site soon began ranking for the key search terms in the locations that the client required a presence within.

Through thorough analysis of Sheffield Kitchen Outlet's Google Analytics data, we could see who was going on the site, staying on it, and most importantly, converting. We could also examine users that were leaving the site straight away, only staying on one page and not making purchases or enquires.

This gave us an idea of the types of people that were not fully utilising the website – they might have come to it by mistake, or not found what they were looking for. With this information, we could then target the relevant people, to try and maximise business for the Sheffield Kitchen Outlet.


We were tasked to increase search engine rankings for key search terms within Rotherham, Chesterfield, Barnsley and Doncaster. Within the three-month campaign, search terms for Rotherham boosted to #3, Barnsley #9, Chesterfield #11 and Doncaster #17. With continued optimisation, these search terms will continue to increase.

+75.47% Sessions YoY
+80.71% Individual Users YoY
+38.72% Page Views YoY
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