Reset Access System

The Brief

Reset Access System came to us wanting an interactive touch screen kiosk system that would be integrated and utilised in many NHS hospitals and airports across the UK.

We were required to create a complex system that would gather information, such as, qualifications, insurances and other essential information about a sub-contractor before they enter a site to do a task. As well as the touch screen terminal, it also needed to be accessible through a dedicated website log in, and through a portable mobile phone-based web app, to allow ultimate flexibility for users.

Reset Access System

The Solution

Sub-contractors who are at the premises to do specified work (such as repairs and maintenance etc) log in by scanning their unique ID-style card, which holds all relevant information about that contractor, such as any limitations, access requirements, qualifications and insurance etc. The screen then displays any relevant health and safety information pertaining to the specific job and/or premises, which the sub-contractor then has to read and agree to before being allowed access to the premises.

Reset Access System

All information and touch-screen activity is logged in a secure online database for a period of seven years. The kiosk can be administered via a password protected cloud-based system, which allows for new locations and jobs to be added remotely to the kiosk. It also enables new notifications to be added at a moment’s notice for when users log in, reports of users to be pulled off, as well as being able to limit access for certain companies and/or sub-contractors.

Because all of this can be done remotely, it affords primary operators of the system a unique level of flexibility and security not available with existing paper-based systems.

The system is simple to use and always focuses on the users journey, making it as easy as possible to access the system and input their information, ready to start their tasks.

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