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Iray Plugins required a purpose-built e-commerce website that would allow users to try, buy and find out more information on the various specialist rendering software plugins that they sell. The software is highly versatile, with the ability to be used on multiple 3D packages including Maya, 3DS Max and Rhino. With such a wealth of features, we were approached to create a site that would showcase the uses and abilities of the software, whilst also inviting users to contribute ideas and reviews.  It was key that the website would give admin a quicker way of displaying documentation on the site, as manual uploading, as required by their existing site, was proving far too time consuming.


We are flexible and collaborative in our approach to projects, which allowed for adaptations to be made throughout the process to perfect both the styling and functionality of the new site.

The most significant change was the designing of custom logos for all of the plugins that the site uses. This had a knock-on effect on the CMS functionality, as it needed to be adapted to successfully accommodate the changes.  At the outset, the original plan was to have just one version of software that could be uploaded or downloaded at any one time.  To suit growing demand, this was later split into multiple versions.


The website is primarily an e-commerce site with an overarching focus upon directing the user to the correct 3D rendering software that suits their needs.  Clear navigation is key to ensuring that the user is able to easily identify the software they are looking for.  To achieve this, the site is comprised of two purchasing paths: either to purchase a licence to use the software, or to download a 30 day free trial, to encourage trust and engagement with the brand and the software.

Although the focus of the website is e-commerce, it also functions as a support tool for the users. The products are complemented with support forums that simultaneously enhance the Iray experience whilst encouraging repeat visits to the site.  Additionally, the site is integrated with AWS to enable admin to upload files for the software.  These have multiple versions for multiple plugins.  The overall look of the site is highly image driven which, whilst aesthetically pleasing, also serves to sell the products as the images truly showcase the software's impressive abilities.  The new site has a modern edge that still appeals to the software market, whilst targeting and attracting a tech target audience.

Ecommerce Website
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