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Search Engine Land’s “Periodic Table of SEO” is back for 2019, and quality content has topped the list for most important ranking factors.

At the recent SMX Advanced event in Seattle, search engine optimisation experts unveiled the latest findings, based on votes from an online poll on the importance of ranking factors. Voters gave their thoughts on site speed, backlinks, freshness of content and user experience, which was then judged by the Search Engine Land editorial team.

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While many UK businesses are still struggling with GDPR, a new law will come into effect in autumn 2019 for ecommerce retailers.

This September, the European Union will implement new rules for online payments. Strong Customer Authentication will seek to make online payments more secure through authentication. It will affect all online vendors in the EU, as well as 300 million consumers. 

A glossary type book featuring a list of SEO words

Warning! This article is a little more technical than our usual posts. If this SEO glossary leaves you with more questions, feel free to get in touch with our in-house SEO experts to clarify any definitions.

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