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How to survive the digital age

This month’s tutorial is slightly different. The times are changing fast, and to keep up we need to adapt to our new digital world just as fast.

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Everything is moving online; newspapers, magazines, even TV shows; so how do we survive in this new digital age? From my experience, I’m going to share with you some tips that have kept me on the right side of the digital age and sanity.


“I would like to visit a restaurant/hairdressers/swimming pool.” The days are gone when you ask someone which one to choose – it's way too much hard work. Instead I get out my trusty smartphone and type into Google, ‘Chinese restaurants in Sheffield’ and like magic my screen gets filled with choices. I look at the first one and then open a new tab (I have about 100 tabs open on my screen at all times – it doesn’t do anything for my poor battery), type in trip advisor the name of the restaurant and if the reviews are good enough for me, I’ll go there. That’s the benefits of having great SEO – people will find you on Google immediately, and getting found immediately will give you a better chance of getting business, read more on investing in great SEO here.

Social Media

Yes, it’s annoying when you find out what your best friend’s cousin’s uncle has had for their tea, but social media has opened up a huge world of possibilities for businesses - it’s your 24/7 sales tool. It is absolutely free if you manage it yourself and only a small fee if you outsource it to a digital agency. Now, how many sales people can you employ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (366 this year!) – bargain! Read here how social media, such as TikTok, can positively impact your business prospects.


Now I love the feeling of a glossy magazine in my hands, but recently I converted to reading my favourite magazines on my iPad. Firstly they’re cheaper (score!), they save the environment, and you’re never going to leave it at the doctors again – well, hopefully not otherwise that would have been an expensive trip! All you’ve got to do is go onto your app store and download it, it’s as easy as that.


When was the last time you saw one and a half million words and thought, “I know what, I’ll send this story to my friend because they would love spending three and a half days reading it?” My next question is, when was the last time you watched a 60 second video and thought, “I’ll send that to my friend to watch?” My guess is the latter is the most common. Video is such a good investment for your business if you use it correctly; you can put it onto your website, post it to social media and even have your own YouTube channel. Either create your own video or use a trusted digital agency with a great record of video’s. 

I hope that you have found this insight useful and please get in touch if there is anything you need a little help with online or offline.

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