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Why SEO should be part of your business strategy banner

Why SEO should be part of your business strategy

In this article we explore why search engine optimisation (SEO) should be an integral part of growing your business and your business strategy.

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Know how your website is performing

SEO professionals often use Google Analytics to monitor how a website is performing by setting up goals and helping with enhancing the sites on-page SEO. Goals allow a site to record whether its main aim or purpose is being achieved and track why these may be increasing or decreasing. The data can identify successful events, track campaigns and see where your page ranks for particular keywords. SEO audits can then be carried out to improve these.

Learn what your consumers like

By analysing data from your market, keywords, search terms and current website visitors, we can identify consumer behaviour patterns and in turn, understand how we can encourage more people to view your site and complete an action. Actions such as making a purchase on an e-commerce site, signing up for a newsletter or successfully filling out a contact form. Recognising behaviours means you can see what encourages your audience to stay on a particular page for longer and what drove them there in the first place. This is important as it means you are able to track your audience more accurately, and targeting the right audience means they are more likely to convert and get in touch. Otherwise, you're at risk of targeting the wrong audience to your site who will fail to convert.

Increase quality traffic

SEO targets quality traffic, helping to attract relevant people to your site who are actively searching and have an interest in your products or service. These visitors have ‘intent’, which means they are more likely to complete an action such as buying an item or filling out a contact form. Well-structured organic SEO which is based on analytics and good research helps to maximise your marketing spend.

Digital marketing professionals can help you improve the ranking of your website for your chosen keywords through organic SEO, which is often seen as a longer-term marketing strategy than Pay Per Click. However, for businesses that want to have an immediate impact and quick results, investing in PPC can provide great returns much quicker than those experienced through organic SEO.

Attracting the right audience

Using your website analytics, through observing the behaviours of people once they land on your site, you can discover who is being attracted to your site and whether this is your intended audience or not. If it’s not the right audience, then we can identify why this is and use SEO techniques to make sure your site reaches your desired target market.

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