The Importance of Print in a Digital Age

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In an age in which we buy our coffee, book our cabs and plan our lives through mobile, the humble pen and paper are almost a novelty. But print media is not to be underestimated.

With the right graphic design, print is an invaluable building block in your company's branding strategy.

Using print to supplement your brand

Troubling statistics in the newspaper industry may worry marketers, but further analysis reveals print’s true potential. In June 2018, the Reuters Institute Digital News Report revealed that readers were more likely to trust printed sources than online media. This was especially true of national newspapers that were founded as print publications before going online.

Print media is not dying; it is evolving. Traditional media outlets are using digital to supplement their brand, and thus conversely, businesses with a digital presence should enhance theirs with print.

Why do we need print?

Enhancing your brand with print helps to maintain a consistent message between documents, business cards and websites. You wouldn’t expect to go to a client proposal meeting without some sort of presentation document. At the very least, this will feature your logo and follow your brand guidelines for fonts and formatting, helping to showcase your brand from the first client touchpoint.

Of course, there is so much more to branding than just a logo, but years of experience have taught us just how important this visual message is. Who remembers the universally panned London 2012 logo? What’s important here is to establish your brand message and keep it consistent throughout your marketing material, otherwise, you are giving the impression of a confused, disorganised business from the get-go.  

The personal touch

Print media bridges the gap between the physical meeting and the digital conversion, inviting prospects to view your services. A business card is a swift, personable connection that immediately represents your brand in a professional manner.

What’s more, if it’s a talking point, more power to you. On average, businesses increase their sales by 2.5 per cent for every 2,000 cards handed out, so they’re a worthy investment. 

Measuring print

One of the biggest gripes marketers have with convincing clients to use print is measuring the results. How can we quantify brand awareness through printed adverts? The answer is quite simple – target your print marketing to specific areas and include a different code or symbol for each specific area. Customers can then quote these coded symbols when they get in touch, so that you know just where your adverts are being picked up, and can then adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. A strong message that is accompanied by engaging graphics in the hands of an interested audience remains to be one of the most effective conversion tools. 

Beyond the brand

Print is furthermore invaluable for internal communications and other company documents. Imagine, for example, a manufacturer without a printed product brochure for internal office use. Hours can be saved trawling through servers trying to find the right documents or battling IT errors with a simple, well-designed brochure on our desks.  

Working in harmony

The advent of digital should not be considered a threat to print, but rather, an asset. Print remains a worthy weapon in the marketer’s arsenal, helping to convey the right message through company documents and marketing literature. When used to complement your digital presence, print media is an effective, professional platform which can only enhance your brand.


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