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With an endless choice of fonts at your fingertips, how do you decide which is right for your brand? The font you choose can have a much bigger impact on your company than you might think – it represents your brand, gives it an identity and characterises its personality. From the notorious Comic Sans to classic Arial – subconsciously, people could be making judgements on your brand just from the font used.

Fonts are incredibly versatile and can be full of underlying expression. Certain fonts can symbolise specific attributes, which is why some industries favour certain styles. For example, designer fashion brands often opt for sophisticated fonts, with thinner, more elegant strokes, conjuring a chic, high quality image. These font choices are designed to attract their target audience of affluent, fashion-focused consumers.

Hydra Brochure

In marketing, a brochure is much more than just 'an informative paper document' – it is a highly effective, visual, easily distributed marketing tool. Even with the heightening competition from the internet, the trusty brochure still remains popular. We are going to explore in this article why brochures are still used by businesses around the world, and how you can utilise them as part of your business's marketing mix.

Pantone Chart

Established in the 1950s, Pantone have since seen universal success – they are now famed for their Pantone Colour Matching System. This is a standardised colour reproduction system Pantone created that is used across industries to classify if colours match, with the use of a colour chart in a pull-out fan format – simple, yet effective.

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