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Using instagram reels for your business banner

Using instagram reels for your business

Facebook is well known for borrowing the functions of other platforms' popular features for their own apps, which they do with a lot of success.

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Following the launch of Stories in 2016, Instagram quickly surpassed Snapchat in daily users. But it doesn’t stop there! If you are a regular social media user, you will have seen Reels, Instagram’s alternative to Tik Tok, their massively successful social rival. Instagram launched their Reels feature back in August, with 50 countries worldwide now able to use this feature.

With the use of effects and music, Reels greatly differs from IGTV or even Stories. It is designed to be a more fun and authentic way for creators to engage and create content for their followers. Reels are now positioned in it’s very own tab, next to the explore page. This can mean a lot of visibility for content creators who decide to use the feature. The videos can also be found in the Reels tab on Instagram user's profiles.

Reels is a mixture of IGTV and stories, so coming up with new content ideas can be a little challenging. Reels places a second limit on the videos, so videos should be kept fun, short and informative for maximum engagement with your audience. If your business or brand already shares video content on Instagram, there is no reason for Reels not to become part of your regular posts.

How your business could utilise Reels:

Show off your offering

Reels are a great way to showcase the product or services that you are offering. The short videos are perfect for this as they last the optimal length of time to inform your audience of your offering, whilst keeping audiences engaged. Recycling content is also possible on Reels, meaning any existing promotional videos can be shortened and reposted as part of your strategy.


Educate your audience

Short-form videos are a fantastic opportunity to share some quickfire knowledge on your area of expertise. Q&As and quick tips are ideal subject matter for a Reels post, as you can keep videos short and to-the-point, and the educational content will be extremely useful to your audience. You can also share speedy demonstrations on how to use the products that your business offers. This feature is also a handy way to show some user-generated content on your profile.


Show some personality

The great thing about Instagram Reels, is that they aren’t intended to be perfectly polished. All businesses, big and small, want to connect with potential customers on a more personal level, so these video clips can be a fun and engaging way to reveal the people and personalities behind the brand. Short videos can be created reasonably quickly, so are great for things such as a quickfire meet the team, video bloopers, or even to hop on to different trends (if it aligns with your brand’s style, of course).


What’s Next?

The Reels feature is only in its beginning stages, meaning there will be a plethora of updates and features added over the coming months and years. In the near future, there will be an opportunity for businesses to push products and services, similar to how Instagram stories feature swipe-up links and shoppable stickers. Advertisers will also be able to pay for posts to show up between videos, comparable to how featured posts show up on the main feed.

As a business owner, it is vital to keep your social media marketing current. Being quick to incorporate new features into your marketing strategy will ensure you are not falling behind your competitors. By dedicating a little bit of time to experimenting with new updates, you will learn that making and sharing these videos is surprisingly simple. For a step-by-step explanation on creating Reels - have a look at this in-depth guide from Instagram. 


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