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Aerial Videography

Aerial Videography: what do you need to consider?

In this article, we explore the transformative impact that aerial videography can have on your promotional video projects. We address common concerns when using drones and share why working with a digital agency may be the best way to achieve your business goals.


What is Aerial Videography?

Aerial videography allows videographers the flexibility to move their cameras freely to film more complex shots from unique perspectives. Drones can capture dynamic and cinematic videos for promotional video projects. Some of the biggest brands that we see advertising regularly online are using drone videography, but why? What impact and what benefits does this have on their promotional projects?

Let’s take a look at Red Bull and Cut Media’s collaboration in 2014, creating a short film titled “The Ridge”. Alongside various other angles and camera equipment, drones were used to capture the awe-inspiring ride of Danny MacAskill, a Scottish cyclist, and his journey across the Cuillin Ridge. Without drones, some of these shots would have been impossible. 10 years later, this video has over 80 million views and draws in new viewers to this day.


What are the advantages of using drones for film projects?

Drones can film shots that most camera equipment cannot, with the ability to produce various cinematic shots on a broader scale, showcasing your business professionally and authentically to maximise engagement. From filming farming operations for agriculture businesses to capturing career events for the education sector, drones can capture your business’ success on a large scale, regardless of industry.

Focusing on people and storytelling strategies can effectively engage your target consumers and create a buzz around your film projects. An excellent example of where drone footage can be used is at events. Videographers can draw attention online by recording event attendees using drones. This can be achieved by spanning the event’s layout and capturing genuine reactions from people who spot the drone while filming (permission is required for this, refer further down). This is perfect for creating positive and reliable connotations for your business and promoting the event and your brand.

Videographers can also equip the drone with varying lenses to capture dynamic shots. Don’t mistake a drone’s filming abilities for being limited to wide shots alone! Aerial videography can record creative and unique angles through tracking shots to immerse the viewer or revealing shots where the drone is close to the subject and slowly ascends. This results in a dramatic build-up that peaks the audience’s interest.


Are there implications to using aerial videography?

If you are new to drone videography, it is natural to have reservations, but there are many ways to ensure your film project remains ethical and safe. Privacy and consensual filming practices are common concerns when using drones for a campaign. When using drone footage, it is a given that people will be captured if filming is taking place in densely populated areas, such as at public events.

Most larger events typically release a disclaimer to inform attendees that filming will occur on the premises. Smaller events usually distribute forms to the attendees so that they receive written consent to be filmed. This will ensure that your project is not disturbed and that those being filmed feel comfortable so your shots are natural and authentically showcase your event. For filming buildings and private spaces, it is always important to receive written consent before filming to ensure that your project remains ethical. Working with an agency can help relieve this stress.

There are many laws and policies regarding drone usage that must be followed, such as registering and obtaining the necessary certificates. You must also consider the size of your drone, its purpose, and its areas of use. Following the correct procedures will ensure the safety of you, your business, and the surrounding public.


How can collaborating with Hydra Creative support my aerial filming experience?

Hydra Creative is a fully integrated digital agency specialising in videography, design, digital marketing, and development. From animated videos to motion graphics, our videographers can find the most suitable video solutions to fit your business’ project goals.

We have had the pleasure of filming the Get Up To Speed (GUTS) event for the past seven years with great success. The Work-Wise Foundation, who organise the event, have a mission to inform young people, teachers, and parents about the opportunities available for future STEM careers. Every year, the event gets bigger and better, and hence, we wanted to match that scale. So, we decided to use drone footage to build excitement and highlight the event's scale. We also used a time-lapse to capture the event's energy and student-business interactions, which represented the event’s intentions and messaging.

Our video production services extend beyond aerial videography. As a full-service agency, we will advise you on the execution of your aerial videography project and its creative delivery. Our videography team can collaborate with our designers to produce graphics for your video that reflect your branding and target a specific audience.

If ethical considerations are something you need support with when using aerial videography, we can advise you on the permissions you require and find the best locations. You must also consider your plan of action after your film project is completed. Our in-house digital marketing team can help you advance your project’s online reach through strategies such as SEO and social media marketing.


If you are interested in using exciting and unique drone footage to elevate your video marketing strategies, our in-house expert videographers can help! Get in touch with our team today.


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